Drought-Proof Water Supply Bill Pending in Assembly Committee

SupportA California Chamber of Commerce-supported bill that sets a state goal to promote desalination is awaiting a hearing in the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee.

AB 1925 (Chang; R-Diamond Bar) establishes a goal to desalinate 300,000 acre-feet of drinking water per year by the year 2025 and 500,000 acre-feet per year by the year 2030.

California is chronically short of water even in normal precipitation years. The only way to resolve the chronic shortage is to move forward with a comprehensive, long-term fix for the Delta, plus increased storage and conveyance, reuse, recycling, desalination and conservation.

Desalination offers a drought-proof water supply that can be utilized in many locations. The Governor’s Water Action Plan encourages the state to maximize local and regional water supply development and calls for streamlining of the permitting process for desalination and recycling of water.

Setting goals helps guide the state to expedite desalination proposals and projects. A reliable water supply is one of the fundamental requirements for businesses to thrive.

For background information, see the CalChamber issue summary on desalination at www.calchamber.com/businessissues.

Staff Contact: Valerie Nera