Thursday, May 28, 2020
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6 Things Legislature Can Do to Help State Recover from Economic Devastation

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the California economy, especially public-facing businesses. Entertainment—including motion pictures, television, live shows and theme parks—restaurants, accommodations and retail sectors...

More Important Than Ever: Maintaining and Improving Free Trade, Investment

The world has quickly changed over the last few months and during these strange and uncertain times, the importance of international trade has been...

Independent Contractor Questions Remain in Countdown to End of Legislative Session

There are two weeks left in the legislative session and one of the most common questions I get multiple times on a daily basis...

Reality Check: Workers Are Changing

Labor protections are meant to address certain situations where there is an imbalance in control between the employer and employee. But when the workers...

Strong California Economy, Jobs Depend on Worldwide Free Trade, Investment

With trade being a top tier national issue, the California Chamber of Commerce continues to communicate its international trade priorities to secure a national...

Citizens Redistricting Process Begins Soon; Apply Online to Help Shape State’s Future

A little known and often forgotten truth is that not all political change in California comes via the ballot box. Once a decade, the demographers...

Water Board Must Let Governor, Public Weigh in on Wetlands Regulations

The California State Water Resources Board plans to adopt controversial state wetlands regulations in early April.

Why Tax Reform Is Hard

Governor Newsom’s musings have set tax reformers buzzing.

Air Board’s Plan to Raise Fees Threatens Our Economy and Climate Goals

California produces just 1% of atmospheric carbon emissions, yet global leaders and activists care about California regulations. Why is this? It’s the same reason that...

A Chance for California to Lead Us Back from the Brink on Frivolous Climate...

A little over a year ago, the city and county of Santa Cruz filed suit against several energy companies seeking money for property damage allegedly linked to climate change.

Tourism Industry Jobs Form Big Piece of California’s Economic Foundation

Vacations to California’s natural wonders, cultural riches and exciting city attractions fuel stable employment and the world’s fifth largest economy.

Strong California Economy Will Allow Next Governor to Address These Issues

The top priorities for California’s next governor ought to reflect what is on the minds of Californians. With our diverse population, geography and business community,...

Why a Regional Power Grid Brings Energy Security to Businesses/Consumers

Reliable energy infrastructure is a hallmark of a modern world, and affordable power is vital for economic development and social cohesion. Ensuring that electricity...

Division Not a Fix for California Woes

Tim Draper believes California is three states struggling within the boundaries of one, and wants to set them free. Voters will have the chance in November to decide if they share his vision that more governments make better governance.

Businesses Can Help California Schools Train Students for ‘New Collar’ Jobs

The key to California’s long-term economic growth can be found in the classroom.

State Economy Draws Strength from Trade

As the Trump administration and the 115th Congress now are into their second year, the California Chamber of Commerce continues to communicate its international...

Harassment Victims and Employers Need Protection from Defamation Lawsuits

In 2016, 554 Californians filed sexual harassment complaints with the state civil rights agency, and many other employees have complained directly to employers without involving a state agency.