Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Legislature Approves Bills Reforming PAGA System

Negotiations Improve Process for Workers, Employers Months of negotiations between a coalition of business partners, labor and legislative leaders, convened by the Governor’s office, culminated this...

Major Wins for Employers, Employees in PAGA Reform Bills

The negotiated legislative agreement that reforms the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) includes major wins for employers and employees while saving the business community an...

Video Podcast Recaps PAGA Reform Agreement

 CalChamber President and CEO Jennifer Barrera and CalChamber Associate General Counsel Matthew Roberts discuss in a video podcast the negotiated agreement leading to the passage...

Political Speech at Work: How to Manage While Protecting Rights

As a small business owner, I’ve noticed an increase in political discussions in my workplace. Some employees are getting into heated debates, affecting productivity and...

Cal/OSHA Standards Board Adopts Indoor Heat Illness Prevention Rule

Last week, the Cal/OSHA Standards Board adopted the long-awaited regulations to protect employees working indoors from heat illness. The California Legislature had directed the California Division...

CalChamber Continues Challenge to Proposed Antitrust Overhaul

The California Chamber of Commerce last week provided a second round of comments to a state commission that California’s antitrust and competition laws should not...

Azores Delegation Visits CalChamber for Portuguese Heritage Month

This week, the California Chamber of Commerce hosted a gathering with representatives having Azores connections. Present at the June 24 meeting was Artur Lima, the vice...

California Bill Restricting Self-Checkout Lanes Could Raise Business Costs by Half-Billion Dollars Annually

A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed proposal that dictates store staffing and operations could raise business operating costs by at least $497.1 million annually, according to...

CalChamber-Opposed Autonomous Vehicle Bill Held

California Chamber of Commerce-opposed legislation creating a patchwork of potentially conflicting rules for autonomous vehicles has been put on hold for the year. The bill, SB...

Agreement Reached to Reform Private Attorneys General Act

The California Chamber of Commerce and the Fix PAGA coalition, representing non-profits, social justice advocates, family farmers, health care providers and businesses, are supporting legislation...

Assistive Animal at Work Still Subject to Minimum Standards

One of our employees has asked to bring an emotional support dog to the office. I know about service dogs in the workplace. Do we...

State Community Colleges Shaping Future of Workforce, Helping Economic Mobility

This article is part of a series of profiles of CalChamber member companies that are contributing to the state’s economic strength and ability to stay...

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