Monday, March 27, 2023

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CalChamber Member Firms Strengthen Ties to Japan

California’s trade mission to Japan last week included sizable representation from California Chamber of Commerce member companies as part of the 100+-member business delegation. The March...

Assembly Committee Passes Job Killer Bill Expanding Litigation

A job killer bill exposing employers to a potential flood of employment-related lawsuits passed the Assembly Judiciary Committee this week despite the objections of the...

Nonwork-Related Death at Work Still Must Be Reported to Cal/OSHA

An employee died of a heart attack while at work. It was not caused by his employment. Do I have to report this to Cal/OSHA? Section...

Past Women Chairs of CalChamber Board: A Cross-Section of California Economy

  The eight women to hold the top volunteer position at the California Chamber of Commerce represent a cross-section of industries in the state with a...

A Look Back at Careers of Women Who Chaired CalChamber Board

Following are brief biographies of the eight women who have chaired the CalChamber Board of Directors. Shirley R. Chilton (1982) Shirley R. Chilton, the first woman to...

Four 2023 Bills That Would Negatively Affect California Employers

In Episode 171 of The Workplace podcast, CalChamber employment law expert Matthew Roberts and CalChamber Policy Advocate Ashley Hoffman discuss four bills that, if passed,...

Registration Opens for CalChamber Capitol Summit

Registration is open now for the California Chamber of Commerce Capitol Summit, set for May 17 in Sacramento. CalChamber President and CEO Jennifer Barrera and the...

Recycling Compliance for 1-Use Packaging Makers, Distributors, Sellers

An upcoming CalChamber webinar will explain all the recycling compliance mandates following the passage of last year’s circular economy law. Anyone who manufactures, distributes or sells...

Arbitrary Greenhouse Gas Target Passes Committee

Legislation establishing an arbitrary greenhouse gas target and identified by the California Chamber of Commerce as a 2023 Job Killer passed a Senate policy committee...

CalChamber Names Flexible Work Schedule Bill as Job Creator

Legislation making it easier to set up flexible work schedules has been named a job creator by the California Chamber of Commerce. SB 703 (Niello; R-Sacramento)...

Terminating Employee on Workers’ Comp Involves Delicate Decisions

We are a smaller employer with only 16 employees, and we have an employee who has been on workers’ compensation for more than eight months....

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