Monday, August 8, 2022
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Special Report: Economic Outlook

Economic Expansion Continues Steep Pace; Demand for Workers Exceeds Job Seekers

  Gross Domestic Product Gross domestic product (GDP) took a surprising decline in the first quarter of 2022, falling 1.4%. It was brought down by the...
Special Report: Economic Outlook

Economic Recovery, Job Growth Faster than Previous Recessions; Inflation Robust

This Time Is Different When conducting monetary policy, the Federal Reserve has two goals: keep inflation low and stable, and ensure maximum employment. For most of...
Special Report: Economic Outlook

Economy’s Fundamentals Remain Firm; Household/Corporate Balance Sheets Solid

Overview Economic recoveries and expansions never go as planned. This one is no exception. It has been marred by two major COVID outbreaks, supply shortages,...
Special Report: Economic Outlook

Strong Demand for Goods; Supply Lagging; Imbalance Keeps Upward Pressure on Prices

Overview The recession is officially over. It ended more than a year ago, but it takes time for the group of economists at the National...
Special Report: Economic Outlook

As Economy Lifts Off, Transitory Hiccups in Some Sectors, Inflation Factors to Watch

Overview The parade of robust economic data continues to march onward. The data at the end of the quarter, following the February chill, has been...
Special Report: Economic Outlook

Economic Positives Tempered by Risks Like Virus Uncertainties, Debt Worries

One, Two, Three, Cha Cha Cha No, this is not economics by Arthur Murray, but the process for getting the economy back on track is...