New Year, New Labor Laws to Know

The beginning of the new year is a good time for Alert readers to resolve to take a few moments to familiarize themselves with the new employment laws that they will need to know in 2019.

Employment law counsel for the California Chamber of Commerce analyzed the significant bills signed into law last year and prepared a white paper summarizing the legislation’s effects on California employers.

Read the latest information on:

• An increase in the minimum wage as well as the minimum salary for exempt employees;

• A new mandate to train nearly every California employee about sexual harassment prevention that applies even to smaller employers;

• Changes to employers’ obligation to provide nursing mothers with lactation accommodations;

• New protections from defamation lawsuits for employers who give employment references;

• An expansion of employer liability for all types of harassment, even by non-employees; and

• Much more.

The CalChamber white paper on New 2019 Labor Laws Affecting California Employers is available for members to download on HRCalifornia.

Also available on HRCalifornia is a full discussion of the new laws.

Staff Contact: Ellen S. Savage