Governor Newsom Outlines ‘California for All’ Mission

Newly inaugurated Governor Gavin Newsom began the week presenting his vision of “a California for all” on January 7, then took steps to implement pieces of that goal.

His first act as 40th Governor of California was to sign an executive order to create the largest single purchaser for prescription drugs and allow private employers to join the state in negotiating prices. He also announced other actions aimed at reducing prescription drug and health care costs (see story).

His first budget, unveiled on January 10, includes funding to help families afford health care premiums.

The Friday before his swearing in, Newsom announced the appointees who will lead his administration’s handling of labor and business matters (see story).

Following his inauguration on Monday, January 7, Governor Gavin Newsom waves with his wife, First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and their children (from left) Dutch, Brooklynn, Montana and Hunter. Associated Press/Eric Risberg

Inaugural Address

In his inaugural address, Governor Newsom credited the leadership of his predecessor, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., with putting the state on sound fiscal footing and building a “foundation of rock.”

Newsom continued, “Our job now is not to rest on that foundation. It is to build our house upon it.”

Calling California “our home,” the Governor outlined principles that would be followed, including:

• Launching a “Marshall Plan for affordable housing” and making the fight against homelessness a statewide mission.

• Guaranteed health care for all, using “market power and moral power to demand fairer pricing” for prescription drugs.

• Fair pay for working people, “the right to join a union, and the chance at a middle-class life for themselves and their families. We will fight not just for growth at any cost, but for inclusive sustainable growth.”

• Support for small businesses: “California must never turn its back on the entrepreneurial spirit that has always defined us.”

• Supporting parents “so they can give their kids the love and care they need, especially in those critical early years.”

• Standing together. “When fires strike or the earth shakes, we will be there for each other.”

• “Justice for all” and continuing the fight against “over-incarceration” of persons convicted of crimes.

Governor Newsom promised to partner with mayors, sheriffs and supervisors all over the state to work on changes, and said he intends “to represent all Californians, not only those who voted for me.”

Continuing on his theme of “we’re all in this together,” the Governor said, “My pledge to every Californian is this: no matter what comes at us, I will have your back.”

In concluding, Governor Newsom defined the “California dream” as being “for everyone… Not to get rich quick or star on the big screen, but to work hard and share in the rewards. To leave a better future for our kids.”