Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Labor Agency Secretary to Give Keynote at CalChamber HR Symposium

Julie A. Su, the Governor’s Cabinet adviser on labor issues and employment programs, will deliver the luncheon keynote address at the California Chamber of Commerce 2019 HR Symposium on November 8.

Podcasts Review Services Sales Tax, Tips for Managing Dress Codes in Summer

The Workplace podcast presented by the California Chamber of Commerce provides expert and entertaining commentary on issues critical to California employers and employees. The 20...

Dress Codes Must Be Applied in Nondiscriminatory Manner

Can I have a separate dress code for men and women? For years our company has had a separate dress code for men and...

Visible Tattoos, Other Dress Code Issues Arise in Warmer Weather

We have a strict no visible tattoos policy as we work with a very conservative population. We hired a new employee recently, and when...