33 CalChamber Member Companies Make Cut for Best Corporate Citizens List

CRsLogoThirty-three California Chamber of Commerce member companies recently made Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s 16th annual list of “100 Best Corporate Citizens 2015.”

The companies that made the list were given an overall ranking on the list, but also were ranked in seven categories: climate change, corporate governance, employee relations, environment, financial performance, human rights, and philanthropy.

Top Companies

The following CalChamber-member companies made the “100” list and are listed in the order they were ranked overall with a sampling of their rankings in the seven categories.

1. Microsoft Corporation: Ranked first in philanthropy and human rights; ranked second in environment.

3. Johnson & Johnson: Ranked third in employee relations.

10. Lockheed Martin Corp.: Ranked 19th in environment

16. AT&T, Inc.: Ranked ninth in human rights and 10th in climate change.

21. Southwest Airlines Co.: Ranked second in financial.

25. Altria Group Inc.: Ranked 14th in philanthropy.

28. United Parcel Service, Inc.: Ranked fourth in climate change.

30. 3M Co.: Ranked 34th in environment and 35th in human rights.

31. International Business Machines: Ranked first in climate change, second in human rights and philanthropy, fourth in environment.

32. Walt Disney Co.: Ranked eighth in employee relations.

33. Cisco Systems, Inc.: Ranked second in human rights and 10th in employee relations.

37. Clorox Co.: Ranked ninth in employee relations.

38. Nike, Inc.: Ranked 39th in employee relations and corporate governance.

42. Mattel, Inc.: Ranked 25th in human rights.

43. FedEx Corp: Ranked 27th in philanthropy.

44. Hormel Foods Corp.: Ranked ninth in human rights.

48. Accenture plc: Ranked 13th in philanthropy and 21st in climate change.

49. General Electric Co.: Ranked second in human rights.

54. Waste Management, Inc.: Ranked 28th in employee relations and 34th in climate change.

55. Pepsico Inc.: Ranked ninth in human rights.

58. PG&E Corp.: Ranked sixth in philanthropy and 17th in employee relations.

66. Northrop Grumman Corp.: Ranked 52nd in climate change.

67. Prudential Financial Inc.: Ranked 58th in employee relations.

69. International Paper Co.: Ranked 64th in human rights.

70. Occidental Petroleum Corp.: Ranked 17th in human rights and 37th in corporate governance.

72. Chevron Corp.: Ranked 32nd in climate change and 35th in human rights.

73. ConocoPhillips: Ranked 49th in climate change.

74. Allstate Corp.: Ranked 42nd in employee relations and 43rd in financial performance.

75. Target Corp.: Ranked 30th in employee relations and 35th in human rights.

78. Sempra Energy: Ranked 27th in employee relations.

86. Cigna Corp.: Ranked 71st in corporate governance and 88th in financial performance.

89. Verizon Communications: Ranked 18th in philanthropy and 25th in human rights.

92. Exxon Mobil Corp.: Ranked 48th in employee relations and climate change.

List Methodology

The data used to rank companies in “100 Best Corporate Citizens” is sourced from publicly available data sources. The data is compiled by the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association Ranking and Rating Committee, composed of a cross-section of corporate responsibility experts, including active practitioners, academics, nongovernment organizations, investment firms and other relevant communities. Corporate Responsibility Magazine also independently verifies the data.

To view the complete list, visit thecro.com.