Monday, September 26, 2022
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Opposition Stops 4 Job Killers; 6 Move to Second House

Six job killer bills moved from one legislative house to the other in time to meet last week’s June 2 deadline for bills to...
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Amended Leave Mandate Is Attack on Small Business

The California Chamber of Commerce is urging small business owners to contact their legislators and the Governor to express strong opposition to SB 654...
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Leave Mandate Job Killer Revived in Legislature

A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed job killer leave mandate that will significantly harm small employers in California with as few as 10 employees has...
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CalChamber Opposition Helps Stop Job Killer Leave Mandate

A job killer bill that would have overwhelmed small businesses with administering a new protected leave of absence and subjected them to threats of...
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Just Four Job Killers Move to Second House by June 3

Only four job killer bills subject to the June 3 deadline for bills to pass the house in which they were introduced have moved...
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Job Killer Bills Clear Policy Committees

Senate and Assembly policy committees have sent several California Chamber of Commerce-opposed job killer bills to the next step of the legislative process. If passed,...