Thursday, August 18, 2022
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Lawsuit-Encouraging Bill on Governor’s Desk

Legislation making it easier for plaintiffs’ lawyers to file pay equity lawsuits passed the Legislature last week and now awaits action by the Governor. AB...
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Bill Attacks Equal Pay Deal, Expands Litigation Chances

A careful and historic compromise forged by the Legislature and the California Chamber of Commerce is under attack by legislation seeking to expand workplace...
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4 Job Killer Bills Active at Legislature’s Summer Break

Three Senate job killer bills and one Assembly job killer bill remained active when the Legislature began its summer break on July 21. In addition,...
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Employer Public Shaming Gets Senate Committee OK

A California Chamber of Commerce-opposed job killer that could publicly shame employers and expose them to costly litigation for alleged wage disparity where no...
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Opposition Stops 4 Job Killers; 6 Move to Second House

Six job killer bills moved from one legislative house to the other in time to meet last week’s June 2 deadline for bills to...
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CalChamber Releases 2017 Job Killer List

The California Chamber of Commerce this week released its annual list of job killer bills to call attention to the negative impact that 23...