Free Resources to Help Raise Awareness on Importance of COVID-19 Vaccines

California is urging business and community partners to help raise awareness on COVID-19 vaccines and inform others on how they can get vaccinated. Vaccines are key to helping Californians return to work safely, reunite with friends and family, and travel with confidence.

To support these efforts, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has developed free tools to help promote vaccines and address misinformation. These ready-to-use promotional materials include:

Small business toolkit: Help businesses in your community quickly learn how to promote getting vaccinated with this toolkit, which is available in English and Spanish.

Vaccination toolkit: Use the toolkit to help those in your network engage on social media, review vaccine talking points and FAQs, and access copy to share on websites, emails, etc.

Business posters: Access posters for display and make them available for download on your website or through social media. Additional posters are available from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Half-sheet flyers: Half sheet flyers that can be used for outreach and educational activities. Flyers are available in the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, East Armenian, English, Farsi, Hmong, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and West Armenian.

Infographics: Instructional graphics can be made available for download, displayed on webpages, or used for other educational outreach and are available in English and Spanish.

CDC Stickers: Print stickers for community members who have been vaccinated to wear.

CDPH COVID-19 Response page: Access additional materials and resources on the CDPH resource site. Use the available information for virtual town halls or other informational meetings within your communities.

All state employees and all workers at hospitals and health care facilities across California are now required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or be tested at least once a week under a state policy announced July 26, 2021.

On July 27, the CDC recommended a return to mask wearing indoors, regardless of vaccination status in areas with high COVID-19 transmission rates.

Since then, the state and many California counties have returned to requiring that masks be worn indoors by everyone over the age of 2 years with some exceptions (such as persons with a medical/mental health condition or disability, communicating with the hearing impaired, and where wearing a mask would create a risk related to work).