Business Community PSA Encourages Vaccinations

All Residents 16 and Older Eligible for Vaccines

California’s business community has released a new public service announcement (PSA), called “Do It For,” encouraging Californians to get vaccinated when it’s their turn.

The PSA is airing statewide on TV, radio and social media, reaching millions of California residents in both English and Spanish.

“The key to opening up California’s economy safely and responsibly is to get every Californian vaccinated,” said Allan Zaremberg, CalChamber president and CEO.

Slowing the Spread

“Over the past year, the business community has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to protect employees and customers, while dealing with unpredictable openings and closings, capacity limitations and other economic disruptions.

“Our efforts helped slow the spread, and now we’re stepping up to be part of the solution in ending this pandemic by encouraging our employees and the general public to get vaccinated and help their local businesses and schools get back to normal,” the coalition said.

Business Groups

The California Chamber of Commerce and other business leadership groups, including the California Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce, the California African American Chamber of Commerce and the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, joined forces on this project on behalf of major employers, small businesses, and women- and minority-owned businesses because they recognize the role the safe, effective and life-saving vaccines play in reducing transmission, achieving herd immunity and allowing businesses to re-hire and restart the economy.

Job Loss

California’s economy has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, which decimated entire industries and disproportionately affected small and minority-owned businesses.

Over the last year, California has lost 1,253,400 jobs, the most of any state. New York, which saw the second-highest job loss during the pandemic, lost only half that number, approximately 674,200 jobs.

While California saw significant gains in workforce numbers in February, conditions will continue to improve as vaccination rates allow for more aspects of the economy to reopen.

Repeated surveys have shown that business, especially an individual’s employer, is the most trusted resource on information regarding COVID-19.

Funding for the “Do It For” campaign is provided by a wide cross-section of the state business community.

More Information

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