Where to Put Posters When Employees Work in Clients’ Homes

BarbaraWilburWe have a home health business and our employees travel directly from their home to the client’s home. We are unable to post the federal and state required notices in the client’s home. How do we ensure that our employees see the required posters, including the wage order for our industry?

There is not a simple answer to your question. Federal and state agencies require employers to post various notices that provide information to employees regarding laws and regulations relating to wages, safety and working conditions, etc. These poster and notice requirements vary by statute.

No Exemptions

With the exception of the Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) Wage Orders, there are no exemptions to posting requirements. Unless the statute authorizes electronic or other types of dissemination, it must be posted in a prominent location.

Putting the posters in the place where employees pick up their paychecks or where they go for human resources-related issues may be the only practical solution.

Wage Order Copies

The IWC Wage Orders allow an employer to make a copy of the wage order available to every employee upon request: “Every employer shall keep a copy of this Order posted in an area frequented by employees where it may be easily read during the workday. Where the location of work or other conditions make this impractical, every employer shall keep a copy of this Order and make it available to every employee upon request.”

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Staff Contact: Barbara Wilber