Saturday, February 4, 2023

Governor’s Recovery Plan Includes Stimulus Checks, Rent Relief

Governor Gavin Newsom began the week by announcing a plan to provide financial relief to millions of Californians.

The plan includes Golden State Stimulus payments to individuals — a total of nearly $12 billion — plus rent relief, and payment of overdue utility and water bills.

The program is part of the Governor’s $100 billion “California Comeback” economic recovery plan.

The Governor says 2 of every 3 Californians will receive a direct cash payment from the state with the tripling of the Golden State Stimulus:

• $600 directly to all taxpayers who make up to $75,000 a year and did not receive a first payment.

• An additional $500 in direct payments to families with dependents, including the families of undocumented individuals.

Other assistance includes:

• $5.2 billion for low-income renters to cover back rent and rent for several months to come.

• $2 billion to help Californians pay overdue water and utility bills.

• Money for tenant legal services.

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