CalChamber Compiles Resources to Help Employers Foster Diversity in the Workplace

California Chamber of Commerce members are job creators and innovators, the global and community leaders looked to for positive change.

In the unfinished effort to end racial injustice and inequality in the workplace and society, the leadership of CalChamber members is needed now more than ever.

To help employers foster an inclusive workforce and learn other ways to address systemic bias, the CalChamber has developed a webpage compiling relevant information and educational resources.

The Promoting Equality, Diversity and Opportunity in the Workplace webpage includes links to insightful podcasts, webinars, blogs, suggested reading and other training materials that are useful tools in combating bias and workplace discrimination.

Please share these items and future updates to the page with employees and colleagues so that together we can help forge a lasting culture of change. Be sure to visit the page often as it will be updated regularly.

The webpage is located at