CalChamber Offers Handy Guide to November Propositions

specialreporballotThe September 3 edition of Alert presented a seven-page special report on the November ballot measures, including brief summaries of the California Chamber of Commerce reasons for its positions on seven of the 17 ballot measures.

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On propositions where the CalChamber has no position, the guide summarizes arguments for and against the measures as presented in the 224-page official voter information guide prepared by the California Secretary of State.

Below is a recap of CalChamber positions on November ballot measures:

Proposition 51: School Bonds
Proposition 52: State Fees on Hospitals. Federal Medi-Cal Matching Funds
Proposition 54: Legislative Transparency
Proposition 58: English Language Education

Proposition 53: Revenue Bonds
Proposition 55: Tax Extension on High Wealth Individuals
Proposition 61: Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing

For more information, see the special report.

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