State-Backed Program Offers Low Interest Rates for Energy Upgrades

For a limited time, GoGreen Financing, an energy efficiency initiative in the California State Treasurer’s Office, is offering small and medium-sized businesses a deal on energy upgrades such as efficient HVACs, insulation, cool roofs, windows and appliances.

Through the program’s business arm, GoGreen Business Energy Financing, business owners across the state can access interest rates as low as 0% on qualifying loans, leases, and finance agreements as part of the special Go Low Rates promotion. Plus, up to 30% of the financed amount can go toward nonenergy upgrades, such as landscaping and remodeling.

Totaling $65 million across 3,500 energy efficiency projects, GoGreen Financing is helping businesses boost productivity, curb energy costs, and support California’s energy savings goals. Unlike traditional financing, GoGreen Financing offers flexibility, lower interest rates, extended terms and broader eligibility requirements.

Steps to Get Started

Getting started is easy for qualifying businesses that want to take advantage of this opportunity. Eligible businesses can explore possible projects, select a contractor, and discover participating lenders at GoGreen Financing.

• First, you’ll need an estimate from a contractor or project developer. Whether you’re replacing specific equipment or completing a large-scale project, a contractor can offer guidance and recommendations. A project developer can assist if you require comprehensive solutions and expert advice. To find participating contractors and project developers in your area, click here.

• After finding the right contractor for your project, it’s time to explore financing options. GoGreen Business collaborates with private lenders and enables them to offer extended terms and efficient approvals to trim a business’s energy costs and operational expenses. When connecting with a participating lender, look for the Go Low Rates badge. To evaluate financing options, conveniently apply online, or speak with a lender representative click here.

Readers interested in kick-starting their energy efficiency journey can learn more about program eligibility and requirements at GoGreen Financing.