Ads Highlight Problems with Prop. 15 Split Roll

With just weeks remaining before the November 3 general election, the broad-based campaign opposing Proposition 15 is highlighting reasons to vote against the split roll property tax measure in social media and televised ads.

As pointed out in the ads, Proposition 15 is a $12.5 billion a year property tax increase—the largest in state history—that is riddled with flaws which will hurt all Californians. The measure will also hurt the small businesses that employ half of all California employees.

Proponents have admitted that homeowners are next. Contrary to what its supporters claim, Proposition 15 will not help local governments and schools recover from the COVID-19 induced economic crisis.

Hurts Small Business

In brief videos viewable online, small business owners testify to the harm Proposition 15 will cause if passed:

• Increased rents because of the “triple net lease” under which many small businesses operate, making them responsible for paying property taxes, insurance and maintenance costs.

• Increased fuel prices and energy costs.

• Increased prices from vendors.

Consumers will ultimately bear the burden of higher prices if Proposition 15 is adopted because businesses of all sizes operating on tight margins will be forced to pass along the increased costs.

Broad Coalition Opposes

In addition to the California Chamber of Commerce, the coalition leading the campaign against Proposition 15—Stop Higher Property Taxes and Save Prop 13—includes the California Taxpayers Association, California Business Roundtable, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, California Business Properties Association and California State Conference of the NAACP.

Also part of the bipartisan coalition opposing Proposition 15 are more than 1,500 organizations, businesses, state and local elected officials, and individuals from throughout the state.

Help Defeat Prop 15

The California Chamber of Commerce is urging members to provide financial support to help spread the word to voters that the split roll property tax hike will lead to a higher cost of living.

The CalChamber issues political action committee, CalBusPac, may accept contributions in any amount, but the funds may not be earmarked. Defeat of the split roll measure is a high priority for CalBusPac. Contributions may be sent to CalBusPac (ID #761010), P.O. Box 1736, Sacramento, CA 95812-1736. Download and mail the contribution form from or contact the CalChamber Public Affairs Department, c/o