Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Grassroots Revamp Next Step

Thanks to the readers who voted in the online poll, the California Chamber of Commerce Grassroots program has a new name: Impact California.

Over the next few months, CalChamber will be revamping the Grassroots program to offer new resources, platforms and advocacy tools to help Californians use their voice to make an impact on legislation.

The program will continue to serve as a nonpartisan outlet dedicated to helping Californians become involved in the legislative process. Although the idea of involvement is relevant today, the name of the Grassroots program seemed outdated. This is why CalChamber is rebranding the program and asked for readers’ help in the first step of the process—choosing a new name.

Join Impact California

The vision of Impact California is to provide every Californian with the knowledge to engage in the legislative process, because statewide change begins with California residents.

Every voice deserves to be heard and Impact California will provide the tools to help you use your voice to make a change.

To become a part of the Impact California program and receive information about current legislative issues, as well as tips on how to make a difference in state legislation, sign up at

Watch for the full-scale Impact California launch in January 2020.

Staff Contact: Natalie Leighton

Natalie Leighton
Natalie Leighton
Natalie Leighton joined CalChamber in April 2019 as the grassroots coordinator. She works closely with the CalChamber public policy team to encourage local chambers, business owners and representatives from throughout the state to make their views known to lawmakers and regulators. Leighton brings to her grassroots assignment much experience in using social media and other contacts to get people involved. Leighton earned a B.S. in business administration from Sonoma State University, where she specialized in wine business and marketing.

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