Year of Transition—Lots to Do

Terry MacRae

Even more than other election years, 2018 will be the start of transitions in California politics and public policy. From the governorship on down, there will be shifts in officeholders. Voters also will be asked to weigh in on infrastructure funding and many other proposals affecting business operations in the state.

No matter who voters elect or what they decide on ballot measures, with success and a growing economy, new challenges will present themselves. In some regions, the problems result from economic success; in other areas, a lack of success is the core difficulty.

The California Chamber of Commerce 2018 Business Issues and Legislative Guide presents our perspective on Expanding Opportunity so that all Californians can share in the prosperity of one of the most dynamic economies in the world.


Five important principles for state leaders to consider are:

• Do no more harm to the entrepreneurs and businesses that are trying to create jobs. Given the state’s strong regulatory environment, look for ways to reduce burdens on California employers and employees.

• Build more market-rate housing to help alleviate the state’s housing shortage.

• Maintain and expand California’s economic development infrastructure.

• Restore affordability as a high priority in energy development.

• Continue investing in education as an effective tool to improve economic mobility.

Join Us

We invite CalChamber members and all readers to join us in promoting our Agenda for All Californians to state policy leaders. Our grassroots website,, provides sample letters that you can edit easily to convey your concerns to your elected representatives, regulators and other government officials.

For regular updates on the issues covered in the guide, consult the CalChamber Alert, our policy newsletter. Download the mobile-friendly app at

Keeping a state the size of California on course is a huge endeavor requiring the cooperation of many hands. With your active involvement, we can make the state a better home for all Californians and businesses.

Terry MacRae, 2018 chair of the California Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, is chief executive officer, president and founder of Hornblower Cruises & Events.