Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Immigration Survey Coming to Member Email Boxes

In 2010, the California Chamber of Commerce conducted a survey to gather members’ views on immigration reform. To gain an updated picture of the views of membership, the CalChamber is launching a new online immigration survey of members this week.

As before, the questions aim to pinpoint members’ views on matters such as worker availability, verification of eligibility for employment, border security, a guest worker program and criteria for an earned pathway to legal status for undocumented residents.

The survey responses will help guide the CalChamber in its continuing support of the comprehensive immigration reform that is crucial to the state’s economic future.

California is home to nearly 3 million residents who are undocumented immigrants (compared to an estimated 11 million nationwide). The undocumented immigrants are working and contributing to society. Many economic sectors in California—including technology, agriculture and tourism—are very dependent on immigrant labor.

To learn more about the CalChamber position on immigration reform, visit

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