CalChamber Publishes Annual Vote Record

This edition of Alert includes the annual tally of California legislators’ floor votes on selected California Chamber of Commerce priority bills.

The vote record, the 42nd the CalChamber has compiled, provides member firms and local chambers of commerce a gauge by which to measure the performance of their elected representatives in the Legislature.

To help readers assess legislators’ vote records, the charts group bills into seven areas: education, environmental regulation, health care costs, labor and employment, legal reform and protection, water supply and quality, and workers’ compensation.

A “Best Business Votes” section lists legislators according to the percentage of times they voted with the CalChamber position on the bills selected for the vote record.

This year, the vote record covers 17 votes in the Senate and 16 votes in the Assembly. Most bills in the vote record cover major business issues that are of concern to both small and large companies.

For more details on how the vote record is compiled and descriptions of the bills included, Click here.