CalChamber Celebrates 125 Years

125_Years_logos_Final_vertFollowing is the text of an email sent this week to California Chamber of Commerce members and customers.

For 125 years, CalChamber has pursued prosperity for all Californians. We share this rare business milestone with you—our loyal members and customers.

In supporting CalChamber and by contributing to our state’s economy, you help make California a better place to live, work and do business.

CalChamber traces its roots to the California State Board of Trade, which incorporated in 1890.

In the early years, we encouraged immigration to California. The “Land of Promise” image is taken from a booklet we distributed in 1897 to visitors and homeseekers. Among the informative articles was “Scenic California” by John Muir.

Since then, our name and purpose have evolved:

In 1910, the California State Board of Trade became known as the California Development Board, promoting the business of the state and pride in California-made products.

In 1921, we merged with the California Industries Association to form the California Development Association, Commerce and Industry, to support a sound business climate in a rapidly growing state.

In 1929, we incorporated as the California State Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Industry.

In 1972, we adopted the shorter name California Chamber of Commerce for our not-for-profit, which serves as a business advocate and HR compliance resource for California employers.

In 2006, we modernized our brand with a shortened moniker — CalChamber — and a new logo.

CalChamber looks forward to many more years of serving you and working to keep your trust. We wish both your company and employees the continued success you’ve earned and truly deserve.

We will always be grateful for your support.