2015 Issues Guide Available on Website

The California Chamber of Commerce 2015 Business Issues and Legislative Guide is available now on the CalChamber website.

This easy-to-reference publication compiles background information on policies the CalChamber has identified as the Foundation for a Better California.

By increasing certainty and reducing competitive disadvantages for job creators and investors, the policies offer private sector solutions for struggling Californians.

CalChamber preferred and executive members receiving printed copies of Alert will be receiving hard copies of the Guide in the mail. Preferred and executive members receiving the email Alert can request a hard copy by emailing alert@calchamber.com.

Additional hard copies are available for purchase ($20 each). Mail checks to the California Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 1736, Sacramento, CA 95812-1736, Attn: Business Issues.

An e-book edition of the Guide, compatible with smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop computers with an e-book reader, can be downloaded free here.