Many Priority Bills to Be Considered by Legislators Next Week


California Chamber of Commerce priority bills scheduled for hearings next week include the following.

Job Creator Bills

SB 936 (Hertzberg; D-Van Nuys) Loan Access.

SB 985 (Berryhill; R-Twain Harte) Flexible Workweek.

Opposed Bills

AB 1676 (Campos; D-San Jose) Frivolous Litigation.

AB 1843 (M. Stone; D-Scotts Valley) Juvenile Criminal Records.

AB 1993 (Irwin; D-Thousand Oaks) Creates Unnecessary and Burdensome Mandates on Business.

AB 2183 (Gatto; D-Glendale) Jeopardizes State Workforce Goals.

AB 2261 (R. Hernández; D-West Covina) Expansion of Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Authority.

AB 2748 (Gatto; D-Glendale) Increases Environmental Litigation.

AB 2895 (R. Hernández; D-West Covina) New Bounty Hunter Penalty.

SB 868 (Jackson; D-Santa Barbara) Stymies Drone Innovation.

SB 1160 (Mendoza; D-Artesia) Increases Workers’ Compensation Costs.

SB 1167 (Leyva; D-Chino) Indoor Heat Illness Regulation.

SB 1234 (de León; D-Los Angeles) State Run Retirement Program for Private Sector Employees.

SB 1241 (Wieckowski; D-Fremont) Interference with Enforcement of Contracts.

Supported Bills

AB 1922 (Daly; D-Anaheim) Simplifies Workers’ Compensation Contract Negotiations.

AB 1934 (Santiago; D-Los Angeles) Improves Housing Climate.

AB 2180 (Ting; D-San Francisco) Expedites Housing Construction.

AB 2329 (Bonilla; D-Concord) Increases Access to Computer Science.

AB 2763 (Gatto; D-Glendale) Increases Transportation Network Company Use of Electric Vehicles.

AB 2817 (Chiu; D-San Francisco) Creates Affordable Housing Opportunities.

SB 66 (Leyva; D-Chino) Improves Career Technical Education.

SB 933 (Allen; D-Santa Monica) Teacher Recruitment and Quality.

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